Vacant Home Staging Services

Potential buyers on average; spend 3-6 minutes in a property — it only takes seconds to make a great first impression.  Empty properties make it difficult for buyers to see the property’s full potential.  The thoughtful staging of a vacant property allows buyers to see what the home has to offer.  Strategically placed furniture, art and accessories help buyers to visualize a desirable lifestyle.  Staging a vacant property requires furniture and accessory rental carefully planned and chosen by Zen Staging and Design.

Staging for Vacant Properties

If you are selling a vacant listing, bare in mind the disadvantages.

The greatest drawback is that any and every negative detail is in plain sight.

Buyers have a greater tendency to scrutinize imperfections of walls, flooring and fixtures when there is nothing else to capture their attention.

Empty rooms magnify echo and are uninviting.  It is difficult for potential buyers to visualize spacial design without furniture to provide scale and point of reference.

Challenging floor plans can be a deal breaker, leaving buyers questioning possible furniture layout and utilization of space.

People are often hesitant about purchasing an empty home because they assume that since the owner has already moved they are eager to sell.  Buyers may also conclude that something may be wrong with the property.

A vacant listing may also imply that the home has been for sale for an extended period of time encouraging buyers to present a low offer.

People don’t buy houses, they buy homes.  Consider the advantages of having your vacant property staged by Zen Staging and Design.

Staging for Vacant Properties

Zen Staging and Design uses beautiful furnishings, artwork, rugs and unique accessories to bring out the architectural features of the property while downplaying any problem areas.

The interiors and ambiance we create cause potential buyers to linger and form emotional connection to the property.

Each home varies greatly in size and condition making it difficult to put an average price on our services.  It can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

We never charge to view a property and prepare a staging proposal.

Call or email us to arrange a viewing appointment.

An investment in home staging is always less than reducing your selling price.

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